Refinancing Your Home

You've worked hard to build up the equity in your home, why not take advantage of that hard work and put some of your equity to work for you? Whether you are thinking of renovations, investments, debt repositioning, university expenses, or anything else you want to do, using your equity to help you is the cheapest way for you to borrow funds. Many people think they have to wait until the end of their current mortgage's term to do something. This isn't true. We can access your equity through a new mortgage, paying out your existing one, by adding additional funds to your existing mortgage, by setting up a second mortgage or a secured line of credit as well. If your current mortgage term is coming due, we can review the entire market to ensure you have the best mortgage that fits your strategy. While your bank branch can do some of these things, they can't offer you the objective advice and experience that your Canadian Mortgage Experts mortgage expert can.

Want to know more

You probably have questions as to how this all works. We have answers.

If you want to know more, understand the process better, or figure out how much you can access and what your payments would be, we can help you:

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Click here for Mortgage Calculators that can help you see what your payments would be, how much equity you can access, and compare your current mortgage to a new one.

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Once you feel comfortable with what is going on, feel free to call or email to go over the process or answer any other questions you may have. Or, you can move ahead and apply right now!